Styling At British Heart Foundation!Galashiels!

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I went around the British Heart Foundation in Galashiels and just decided to put some looks together. Sometimes people do not realise you can get a look for less if you just look around . British Heart Foundation tends to get some one off pieces that are designer or from places that you never have heard of before, which is one of the best parts of about looking through charity shop.

In these picures below the leggings, tights and high heels and flats all belong to the model Anni. 

Model : Anni Nuss
Stylist: Farah Al Zadjaly
Photographer: Farah Al Zadjaly

As going through the store I found jackets in red and one in blue, an item of clothing I love wearing because it really make an out fit look dressy and professional depending on what you wearing it for.  Another thing I like wearing is oversized shirts because it can be pull all in with a belt and can be worn for day and night. One thing I really liked was finding a ballerina looking skirt in dark blue.

British Heart Foundation is a charity shop worth looking at because you never know what you may find!

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  1. omg! that is brill and its great boost to the team at the shop, and for all the people that make donations to the shop. Cant wait to see the rest of your photo shoots.

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