Styling At British Heart Foundation!Galashiels! Part 2

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As walking through the British Heart Foundation Galashiels, I found alot of colour and things that could be worn to go to work or even that special dream job interview. Its reaching that time for some university students and even people looking for a job but they maybe don’t know what to wear and they are on a tight budget.
Most people think with interviews or even working in the office that everything has to be black, white or grey. Well its doesn’t!!! Spring/Summer is coming along and its time splash out on some colour.One thing I will have to agree is to invest in a black dress as it can be put with alot of colours.

The black tights and high heels belong to the model Anni.

I used some of the same pieces of clothing on some of the looks to show that one item can be used several times to create different looks. Key pieces to look for at the charity shop is a skirt the flatters the figure and it does not have to be short, a shirt, a good jacket and a dress. When picking the clothing make sure to try them on to see how it can be put together to create different looks.

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