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Owners: Dawn Marie Jones & Stanislav Stoyanov

Professions: Photography

1- When did your first steps to photography start?
Dawn : For me, I became pretty obsessed with taking pictures after my dad gave me his camera just before I moved away to Greece at 21. Since then, it is something which became more and more of a passion & the camera came everywhere with me!
Stanislav: In 1999 I started working for a photography company on one of the main tourist resorts on the Bulgarian Black sea coast. Although I started as a sales person, I quickly developed an interest in the photography side of the business and began to learn from the photographer in in the company. In 2003 I officially became a company photographer after a year as an assistant. Having met Dawn Marie and moving with her to the UK, I also decided to study photography officially and together we built Stoyanov and Jones/Lifestudios Photography.
2- How did Stoyanov & Jones Photography begin?

We started slowly with a few jobs here and there while doing our studies and developed the business over time. Now that we have just graduated and will have more time to concentrate on the business fully, we hope to gain more ground within the industry and to do more commissions within the fashion industry.
3- What kind of pictures do you photograph?

Mainly fashion and beauty images, but we also do a variety of commercial works for companies, agencies and individual clients. Our passion is definitely in fashion and beauty though and we are constantly developing ideas and experimenting with different styles.


4- Who have you worked with to develop such a wonderful reputation in fashion photography?
We have been very lucky and have had a lot of support from the creative community in Scotland and have worked with incredible creative teams including top hairdresser Chris Dickson, Stylist Megan Cunningham, MUA Lauren Gollan and Karen Bowen and also with fantastic models from some of Scotland’s best agencies. We try to be involved in different projects, such as the Edinburgh Online Fashion Week and to create interesting fashion projects of our own as much as possible.
5-Is there any new projects to come? and with whom ? 

Hopefully there will be a lot of new projects to come and involving lots of  amazing creatives! During my graduate exhibition in London, I was lucky enough to meet one of London’s top fashion photographer’s Perou and am currently in the process of organising an internship with him. It is really exciting as it will give me an incredible insight in to the industry and some great experience!
6- What is the 5 year plan for Stoyanov & Jones Photography?

Within 5 years we would really love to be working successfully as photographers within the fashion and beauty industry. Although we love Edinburgh, it is likely that we will have to move somewhere that has a larger fashion industry and are open to moving anywhere in the world! It is a tough industry to get in to and there are a huge amount of fantastic photographers out there, but hopefully, hard work and passion for what we do will give us a chance to make it the industry.. Wish us luck! 🙂


  These 2 talented photographers are a breath of fresh air! I met them last year when joining the Edinburgh Online Fashion Week team and since then they have never stopped creating outstanding pictures in fashion. They are a creative and hard working team together and I hope to see more pictures taken by them in the near future. They even took some of my pictures for HazzerWan ready to wear collection

   For more information on Stoyanov & Jones : CLICK HERE

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