Stop Wasting and Love Your Clothes!

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We all tend on throwing out old clothing or sending it to charity, we never realize we can reuse it. gives great tips on how to make you clothes last longer, deal with unwanted clothes and make the most all our wardrobes. 

Calling all Fashionista’s this is something we all can join in on!! SPRING CLEAN YOUR WARDROBE WEEKEND which is set up by Zero Waste Scotland and This is trying to encourage those who live in Scotland to value their clothes, by bringing out your style in your own up-cycled clothing and showing off the Scottish textiles. 

Go into your wardrobe and find those old pair of jeans, a funky shirt , a blazer and make it your own style. Pop on your necklaces or layer them, a pair of heels or flats and that’s it … you have got a new look without having to pop into a high street store. We need to make our own fashion instead of trying to be something else. 

Put your look together and post it on your blog or twitter with #loveyourclothes … send yours to and I will post them on my blog. 

Make your stand and your own style with what you have… 🙂 Be Creative !!!

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