Steven Turnbull.. A Man To Know

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Name: Steven Turnbull
Nationality: British
Occupation: General Manager
Company:  Everything4sport Ltd


Why Rugby?
Because I was a big kid and my school mates I would be good at it and it turns out I was not too bad. I came from a town near a big rugby club and when I joined at the age of 12, I absolutely loved it. I enjoyed the game and everything that came with it. When I was offered the opportunity to play for a living, I jumped at the chance to do so.

What kind of training did you need to do to be a good Rugby Player?
You have to be fit of obvious reasons and a lot of the off-field training in the gym was weights based sessions. Being fit, but also big enough to sustain the impacts on a daily basis is  very important.

Its is obviously a team sport, so we spend most of our time training as a team on the pitch and doing video analysis sessions together. The odd ‘team building’ night out is also and important part of training. 

How does fashion come into your life ?
I like to look good and wear good clothes but a big factor of my decision making is what I can find that fits me. I’m 6 foot 7, so it can be a challenge. 

Describe your style in a few words. 
Fairly standard. Jeans and T man, but with quality brands. Shorts come on as soon as it gets mildly warm. 

What is your muscat have in your wardrobe?
Shorts and plenty of t-shirts

Do you think anything is missing in menswear for you ?
Size 13 shoes!!!!! Every shop only goes up to a 12 ( which isn’t even that big!)

As you are a man of sports, what brands do you consider good?
For sports brands, I like Under Armour. Jeans, I go for conventional Levi’s. I don’t shop on brands though, I shop for practically and what I can find that fits me tends to do. 

What is Everything 4 Rugby?
Everything 4 Rugby is an organisation consisting of well know professional and ex professional rugby players and business mentors who aim to provide support, on field and off, to benefit amateur sports clubs and those involved. 

What is your healthy and fitness regime as you are a man of sports?
I was currently training for an expedition to the North Pole, which consisted of a 100 mile trek in treacherous conditions, with temperatures reaching up to -50 degrees. So I train quite hard, mixing it up with gym circuit sessions with long distance hill walks. 

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