Steak on Stones in Edinburgh

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Steak on Stones is a new concept to Scotland and a good one. They bring you the best thinly sliced steaks for you to cook up on your table on a hot volcanic stone. Some may find this odd but it is a wonderful way to even spend your evening with good company in Edinburgh.


The restaurant it located at 14 Picardy Place which is a good walking distance off Princess Street. The light wood and brick wall created such a welcoming atmosphere.

They have a chill out area before heading in for a good meal, where there is a variety of delicious cocktails and drinks.


Raspberry Mojitos ( they can made is non-alcoholic if wanted)

It was time for some food …. starters was Mussels, shallots and white wine cream ( I ordered it without the Bacon)- . The other yummy start was beetroot gravlax and dill mustard sauce. I certainly enjoyed the starts as it was light and easy to eat before the main.


The main was a mix of slice sirloin steak and ribeye with a side of season roasted vegetables and spiced potato wedges. I tried not to over do it as I wanted to have room for dessert. I loved this part of the whole dinner… making my own steak. I found making my own main was a fun thing to do with family and friends. The steaks were perfectly cut for the volcanic stone with salt. As most of us can be picky when it comes to beef steaks this is a chance to get to have it just the way we want it. I decided to try a few other sauces such as chimichurri ( very nice and did remind me of the middle east), peppercorn sauce ( I call it my safe choice) and jerk mayonnaise ( a nice light tang).


It certainly didnt take long to serve the food as well as cook up the meat. All depending on we want out meat, my just took less than 2 to 3 mins as the stone was so hot.

It was time for desserts after a light starter and a hefty main. I loved the freshly made mini donuts with dips ( I recommend it ). The 2nd dessert I decided to try was a warm plum and star anise crumble with cinnamon ice cream. I really enjoyed the mixture especially the ice cream.


The verdict:

I have to say it was a lovely dinner from drinks, staff and food. I found the staff polite and attentive to everyone in the restaurant. The food was a on point and with the best quality as well as standards. The price was reasonable for good food. This definitely a place I would want to visit when I am in Edinburgh.


Visit Steak on Stones Website for more information : CLICK HERE

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