Status Brown…Canada’s Dj Talents !

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Age: Both 25 years old

Harry- Sikh
Sokphak- Cambodian

Occupations: Producers/DJ



1) What made you guys want to become dJ’s?
Sitting in grade 10 English class, Sok had the 2002 edition of DJ Mag magazine and we were looking through the equipment they had in the back pages and dreamed of owning a pair of cdjs and mixer always had an interest in the music since the start.

2) How did you guys start getting into DJing?
We both did our own gigs before we became “Status Brown”. Some gigs, but it wasn’t long after when we teamed up and starting going the direction we are in now.

3)How do you come up with the amazing beats?
Lots and lots of practice and creativity. Nothing comes over night, lots of patience, tweaking and the creative ear to finalize the finished product.

4)How long does it take to create a whole track ?
Depends, it can take a few hours to 2 months. A lot of times there will be a lot of tweaking with sounds and trying to find/make the right sound, something different. That process can be little time consuming, and also the arrangement of the tracks.

5)What keeps you guys inspired to create tracks?
The passion for music and all the support from fans.

6)Whats the scenes in Canada like for Dj’s?

Canada is the place to party!! Every city has their own crowd, own feel, and Canada has one of the best crowds and unique feel. Canada is becoming the hot spot for DJ’s with major festivals; we encourage everyone to come down.

7) Have you collaborated with any singers, rappers or other Dj’s?

Collaborated with lots of different artist, ranging from different genres of music. The Throwed, Deep Jandu, and Mista Que just to name a few.

8)What do you guys advice for those who want to become Dj’s?
Have a passion for music and always keep up to date with what’s hot on the charts! 

9)How does fashion blend in with you lives?

Fashion has defined us in who we are and what we wear when Djing.

10) What are you signature looks ?
We love our chuck Taylor shoes, along with jeans.  Harry “Something casual, comfortable but trendy at the same time.” Sok “Always love to rock printed tees”


Check out their tracks as they are wonderful and upbeat !


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