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Wireless headphones is a way of life, especially if you have an Iphone 7 and run 10K or more. In all the challenges in sports, finding the perfect wireless headphones has become more of mission. After buying, testing and giving up on testing my patience I finally found my own set of headphones- Relay Sport Wireless by Sol Republic.

I am not the person to usually run for wireless or with soft ear pieces but I decided to give it a try. It was already love a first sight because the colour but at £79.99 there were other qualities I had to look into.

The Sport Wireless gave your the options of different sizes of fit buds ,which is such a problem when running if you dont have the right size. It can last up to 8hrs which I did test through when I used it for a day, its water and sweat resistant which was perfect for runs and gym sessions.

While running it was great from sound and barely falling out through a 8km run- which is usually is a miracle on my runs. It was great to use in the gym as I didnt need to put my phone in my leggings but kept it safely on the ground. It was easy to charge and only took a good one hour to be full charged.

The verdict… I am happy I found a brand that suits me and my madness- I say that because I usually test the alot of brands on what it can go through from rain, mud, to the distance and the amount of times it falls out. Its a great brand for the price you pay.

I think now I am ready for my 10km run in May…. 🙂


If your in the UK this is available at HMV



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