South Bridges New Stop, The Whistle Stop Barber Shop!

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Edinburgh has a new place to chillout and eat on South Bridge , all with the right mix of food, music and a clean shave at The Whistle Stop Barber Shop. Just before I headed off back to sunny Dubai, I had to pop over to see it all the hard work come together. Its definitely a twist on South Bridge as the place is modern, retro with lots of wee unique pieces.

World of Faz at The Whistle Stop

World of Faz at The Whistle Stop

As it was time to try some goodies I order some small dishes, as my eyes are always bigger the my stomach. I had to first try one of their shakes which all had a mixture of flavours but what called my eye was Nutella. This mix was good !!!! 


Of course with some drinks comes some good food but as my eyes are bigger than my stomach, I went small. I decided to try chicken wings ( my fave, and a must to try when I go anywhere that has it on the menu) and a salad. It came as a surprise to me the texture and flavour of their wings, it was cooked well, crispy and delicious. The next was a salad, colour and colour ! 

DSC_2183 DSC_2186

I love trying new places, especially upcoming places like the Whistle Stop. I may not be a guy and near a barber but its nice to see a barber shop down stairs. Its nice to see places in Edinburgh change  and create a twist the future of restaurants and bars. 

DSC_2153 DSC_2155

As I wondered through it all, I loved the wee pieces put together to give The Whistle Stop Barber Shop, its own character. 


The verdict: You need a place to chill and get a quick touch up ( if you are a man), then this is the place. If your a lady like me, well the cocktails and shakes are yum, their food is just enough to fill our tummies and the tunes are on point. The mix of old school and the new mixes just fits the place right. 

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