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There are those few people that come into your life that make difference. You meet a person and you simple connect, its this sense of a great friendship to begin without even knowing how much. Those kinds of friendship should be cherished and respected because it certainly doesnt come very often. I met this beauty when moving to Horsham, she is my neighbour but now she is my dear friend, Adriana.


Since we have met, we have collaborated on alot of projects on my blog. This lovely lady is fully of creative talent and eager to know more. She is a lead animator at Creative Assembly and that already amazed me enough. Adriana has a love for photography, food and trying new things. We bounce ideas of each other from time to time…

You’re thinking… Why am I writing about Adriana ??? Well its simple, shes a talent. She inspires, encourages, motivates, full of ideas, tells me about food’s I can try, and has a blog full of interesting goodies. We both loves mornings, for her specifically 11AM, while I am a 8AM lady. She is a great photographer to work with on projects I come across and great to collaborate on my vlogs. The verdict: SHE ROCKS !!!!


Adriana has a blog called Kuraberry, it has a mixture of things from fashion to food and her travels. I love reading alot about the food she makes or comes across because she finds different ways of making something or looking at it! She is also a great model as she is beautiful and photogenic. 

Some of my collaborations with Adriana on youtube…

Fashion shoots….



Food…. There is more on my channel… WORLDOFFAZ 


All the photos in this blog is by ME… 🙂 ( I am getting a wee bit better)

Check out her blog : KURABERRY

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