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We always want to find a new way of shopping whether is in-store or online, but sometimes you just get upset when you do not find what you want. changes your online shopping experience! They give you the chance to shop from the comfort of your house with your own mall online.

Mallzee is for both men and women. It is an online mall but there are a few things they do. It starts by creating a style graph that knows exactly what you will like. Through that you are able to pick your favourite stores and brands to create your own personal online mall. By doing a quick it will find the products that are best suited for you. 

They then give you the chance to shop and chat with friends on the products you have chosen and even pick out stuff for each other. This is the best way to shop online with your friends. If you do not know what you want, there is a personal shopper online who can help with choices. 

The best thing about shopping at is when you shop and purchase something or things they will give you Mallzee dollars to come back and more of your favourite things.

Mallzee.comhas provided a chance create your own mall and shop for things you like without searching day and night for something. It saves you time as time is not something everyone has to go to the malls or high street. It may even save you money depending on how much you buy and how many Mallzee dollars you collect. 
Mallzee.comwill be live on Wednesday 3rd April 2013. If you join the mailing list online, you could be the first to try and win wonderful prizes.

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