Scotland Re:Design… Fashion Is On!!

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Fashion in Scotland has been developing from designing to media and displaying the best in Scotland. Scotland Re:design fashion show has set up a new platform for the talents of fashion designing from clothing to accessory designers. I was recently invited to their fashion show, with a really different invitation sent through the mail.

The event was at SWG3 in Glasgow and I certainly love the location.. as Nicole Findlay from Coco Made Her Do It and I entered, we were greeted with mulled wine and amazing room of creatives. 

As I entered the room for the fashion show I was directed to my seat !

The backdrop was just enough for such a wonderful show ..

The room started filling up with faces of new ideas and people to take Scottish fashion to the worlds eye.

I found Mairi MacDonalds collectiong perfect for my wardrobe… I am not a girl who loves black but I do love texture, silhouettes and uniques. The collections was beautiful put together and perfect for any special occassion. 

Ruth’s beautiful scarves are always eye catching from the lovely patterns to the mixture of the eye. I think it could make any plain dress look elegant and colourful. A must have for this season and every season to come. 

Ten30 make men look divine in quality clothing especiall the suits. It displays one of the best of Scottish designs for men. 

I need Stratheberry in my handbag collection especially the yellow one… the quality is perfect and shapes perfect. It makes an outfit look classy especially those who got those boring black briefcases to work … colour is needed for sure!!! 

Catsbrothers says Farah written all over it…. I love every pieces from the collection. Its colourful, crazy and certainly statement pieces. 

Men… you need Esk Cashmere in your wardrobe this winter! Why you ask ?? they are great pieces to make every occassion comfortable. Its quality your gettting and worth every penny as its looks great with jeans and trousers.

Fiona always seems to surprise me with her silhouettes.. certainly different and great pieces to add to the wardrobe as its flatering to a womens figure.

Euan McWhiter is just amazing with such beautiful jewellery that I dream of having on my neck and ears! His collection is never disappointing 🙂 

Common People…. is…… is…. What at you men need to jump on for clothing!!!! It’s not a joke as they collections are funky, trendy and stylish 🙂 So happy they exist in menswear !!!!

Scotland Re:Design fashion show is Scotland taking fashion to another level, it was beautiful put together and a great atmosphere of creatives of fashion. 

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