Sarah Jayne Johnstone.. NEW TALENT !!!

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Name: Sarah Jayne Johnstone
Age: 21
Nationality: Scottish, British
University: (GRADUATED) Heriot-Watt University
Course: BA(Hons) Fashion Design for Industry


1)What made you want to do fashion design?

I’ve always been creative and knew I wanted to do some sort oif design- either graphic, interior or fashion and fashion design just appealed to me more. I enjoy the process from the research all thr way to the final garment on the model or something like thay.

2) Why did you choose menswear?

I find it more interesting than womens wear, more of a challenge to create somethign new that men are open to. I think menswear is movig forward though and men are becoming more fashion conscious and able to try new things without being judged. Ifeel there’s a market for fashion forward menswear.

3)Who is your fashion inspiration?

Probably a healthy mixture of Rick Owens and Tom Ford.

4)You final year collection, What was you inspiration?

‘The Wasp Factory’ by Iain Banks- my collection was designed around the character Eric and his emotions.

5)How did you create the effects on you men’s top?

I quilted it all myself! one layer of fabric, one layer of wadding and another layer of fabric, sewn in 3cm squares.

6)The photoshoot for the collection, how did that come together ?

I wanted to shoot it in an abandoned hospital to emphasise the asylum theme, and I went to check this place out, Rosslynlee Mental Hospital and it was perfect mix of surreal beauth and mythical horror.

7)Do you have a 5 or 10 year plan?

Not yet- I take life as it comes

8) What’s you advice for those who want to do Fashion Design for Industry?

Work vey hard, don’t follow the crowds. Always remember to make your work your own and keep your own personality in it.


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