Sarah Anne Mitchell…. New Talent!!!

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Name:Sarah Anne Mitchell
Universty/College:Coatbridge College
Course: Make up Artistry
Occupation:Make up Artist & Hair Stylist


What made you want to become a make-up artist?
I have always been a creative person, from drawing and making/editing clothes to singing and writing. I always knew I wanted to do something that would use my creative talents. I have always loved doing make up and hair and always loved an opportunity to dress up and do crazy hair and make up. I would say what made me want to be a make up artist was creativity, ambition and the support of those around me.

How long does it take to qualify to be a make-up artist?
This can really vary. I know some make up artists that are not qualified at all on paper but have gained their knowledge from doing lots of work experience. I know other people who have become qualified after weekend courses.
Most make up artists will study for 1-3 years. It usually takes people 3 years to get a full diploma.
What sort of make-up can you do ?
I am qualified in Fashion & Photographic, Camouflage (for scars or discolouring), Airbrush Make up, Character Make up, Spray & Cream Tan (I am FakeBake certified), special effects make up, body painting and lots more. You end up being taught about most things that have anything to do with the make up industry. One day I could be doing a fake broken nose and black eyes, the next day I could be doing a graceful black swan or high fashion look and then the day after that I could be doing someones wedding make up.
What have you worked on since you have been a make-up artist?
I have tried to work on as many different types of jobs as possible. I have worked on TV and movie sets and I also do weddings and parties but right now I enjoy doing photo shoots the most as I feel like I can really express my creativity and also the shoots will usually concentrate on the make up. I enjoy getting together with the photographers I work with most, coming up with a crazy idea and seeing that initial idea coming to fruition. I enjoy getting really involved in photo shoots and making sure every single detail is perfect. I see a models face as a canvas and a way of telling a story.
What do you hope to be doing in 5 years from now ?  
5 years from now I hope to have worked in London and abroad and hope to have a successful and busy career. I really hope that I am still as passionate about my work as I am now, and that I enjoy it as much as I do now, that is the main thing.
I loved working with Sarah for one of my small shoots I did in the summer. She was professional and really wonderful to work with. 

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