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Name: Saleema Ali
Age: 24
Nationality: Scottish/ Bengladeshi
Occupation: Hair and Make-up Artist specialising in Bridal/Fashion & Media


1) How did the love for make-up first start?

My inspiration, love for make-up and fashion started from a young age going through magazines and watching how make-up really did make women feel. Having being passionate about make-up and doing make overs with my close friends, it was actually my best friends who said ‘you have a talent’ . So I did with the help, support and love from my best friends and the family I took a risk with my savings to do an intense course with the Lubna Rafiq Bridal Course in London.

2) When did you start doing wedding Make-up for brides?

I started doing professional bridal make-up as soon as I came back. I made myself a business plan and marketing tactics from using my experience from being around my family, whose work made them successful. 

3) Why did you choose to do wedding make-up?

Choosing to do bridal make-up was not deliberate! In the beginning I had no idea what type of make-up I wanted to train in. The LRA course had given me an insight of what I realized later is what I am meant to do. Being a bridal make-up is truly rewarding job, in which not only does the bride, mother of the bride, family and husband are all thankful for making their bridge look and feel beautiful. It is the biggest day in their life and I have the honour to be part of it is a moment I cherish forever. I thank all my brides and the lovely clients for this. 

4) What inspires you when doing make-up?

From London Fashion Week, Indian Fashion Week to Pakistan Fashion week straight off the catwalk make-up/ hair and even the designers all inspire and contribute to the way I design as an artist. Fashion and make-up will always change so as an artist it’s important to stand out be different but at the same time to always move with the time. 

5) Where do you hope your career is in 5 years from now?

Who know’s where I’ll be in 5 years time with my career. All I know is with the love and respect from my clients, I can only strive to do better and grow to becoming a better service for them all. I never thought I’d be here after nearly 3 years, even winning best new MUA by STMAC 2012. I am off to London soon to work with Pro Hair and beauty magazine. 

I love this girl to bits, she is talents, inspirational and full of motivation. Saleema is definitely a young lady to watch for the world of bridal make-up. 

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