Ross Mackay.. A Man To Know

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Name: Ross Mackay 
Occupation: Streetwear Designer
Company: Kings Ambition 


What is fashion to you ?
Fashion to me is a person thing. What works for one person may not work for another. Each individual is different! Everyone should simply feel comfortable and happy in their own clothes. It sounds cliche but confidence in what you wear is very important.

What do you consider streetwear?
Streetwear consists if your staple pieces such as tees, snapbacks, hoodies etc.. It’s the inspiration in which our designs come from also. Streetwear should inspire you if your to be a streetwear brand. Now a days the line between street culture and high fashion are merging. 

How did Kings Ambition start?
Kings Ambition essentially was born out of an idea of mine. There’s a bit of a long story behind where we are at today but essentially it was obvious that Dubai needed a local streetwear brand to call its own and I wanted to give the market that. 

How is the fashion scene in Dubai for you ?
I call my brand a Dubai based brand, Kings Ambition was born out of Dubai and it’s something I’m proud of. I lived here for sometime before I launched my first collection. The fashion scene is new here and especially the streetwear element but it’s growing and I hope that in a few years the fashion scene here will be really picking up. When you look at every major city there’s a brand you think off. I hope to have that effect here in Dubai!

What inspires you with every collection ?
The capsule collection named ” Crown Collection” was very much inspired from the city the brand was born from-Dubai. It’s vast desert landscape and it’s skyscrapers.. Essentially the name Kings Ambition is based on the fact this city was from a desert to now a leading city in the world. … All through hard work and “Ambition”.

Who is your fashion inspiration ?
I take alot of inspiration from Virgil abloh from the brand off-white. I was fortunate enough to see his presentation in Paris this at Collete and think he really is at the top of his fashion game.

Describe your style in a few words. 
Simple, Monochromatic, clean

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years?
In the next 5 years I really hope to be able to still be working on the brand. My goal really is simple to push out collections good enough that people want to see more. I would love to be present in all major cities worldwide and have collaborated with some of my favourite brands. 

As I got to the chance to meet Ross, writing this interview was great. He is ambitious and loves his work from beginning to end. Ross designs as he knows who will wear it and whats good about his designs is males and females can wear it. 

Ross and I- I am wearing one of my fave T-shirts from his brand !!

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