Ricky Morrison… New Talent!

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Ricky Morrison
Heriot Watt University, Scottish Borders
Textile and Fashion Design Management


What made you want to be in fashion ?
I love clothes and the way it’t been made for our body. The way an outfit comes to life and becomes a fasination and a dream in the eye.

What do you call your style ?
I find my style unique, I am versatile in which I can dress for any occasion.

What made you get into styling?
I enjoy dressing people up, going through their wardrobe and help them work with what they got. To give them advice and lead them into fashion do and not a fashion do not do.

What do you want to do after graduating ?
I am in 4th year and ready to get out, ready to dive into the fashion industry. If I can get into styling then yes there is a start but I would love to be part of the fashion world in any way possible.

Photographer: Salmeen Kareem
Stylist: Ricky Morrison
Models: Lucy , Victoria

What can I saw about Ricky Morrison! Alot! A big hearted, creative, honest, street smart and a great friend.

Ricky Morrison Good Luck Buddy!

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