Relaxation at The White Room

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Its good to get an hour to yourself once in a while when have such a busy schedule. I popped over to The White Room for an hour to try a hot stone message, which I really needed. I have had a problem with my spine for years and found out I have Scoliosis. The treatment I was on has helped me but of course I have to do other things such as exercising and a great message does help. 

I went to the Jumeira Lake Towers (JLT) branch of The White Rooms

The room made me feel relaxed and calm especially after the hectic day I had. This was my first time doing a hot stone message, so I did not know what was instore for me apart from it involves stones and relaxation. There was a 5 to 10 min intense massage before putting the hot stones on my back. The stones were put on different parts of the back ( please make sure let therapist know if its toooo hot) but mainly on the spine in my case. She then took some hot stones and massaged them on my legs, arms, and belly. It was such a relaxing feeling from body to mind. 

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage:
1- Good stress relief
2- Effective muscle relaxer 
3- Gives you a great sleep 
4- Improves blood circulation 
5- Releases toxins from the body 

This is definitely a good way to relax and treat you body like a temple… which we all seem to forget when running around.

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