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I have been going through a journey of discovering ways in being more creative. I have recently started my own little Youtube channel (WORLD OF FAZ ) , in which I was researching into other youtubers, videos and more to push my self. I started the channel with a friend who wanted to start filming a bit more. Mohammed helped by teaching me camera angles, editing and more in order to practice on my own. A few months later I was on a plane back to the UK. This meant I had to push my self to learn and practice a bit more.


I took my dad’s camera and started practicing through my walks around town, events and collaborations. The hard part was finding the right program for editing as I wanted something I can grow and learn more about. After months of trying different systems, I found ADOBE Premiere Pro CC 2015 a better choice for me. 


When it came to the camera, I decided to just use what I already have. My dad had a SONY video camera which I took off him and use it all the time and I have a Nikon SLR camera. I watched a few of Casey Neistat videos for months, where he showed how he started and more. Instead of buying some fancy camera or an expensive one.. Work with what I had and still do. PRACTICE and PRACTICE and READ and READ and PRACTICE and PRACTICE… till you get it. ( My motto) 


I am the kind of person who sometimes just carries a camera with me as I love capturing some random footage. Its the artistic side of me that loves playing around with footage and create them into new projects. I look to Fun For Louis, Raya Was Here, Marcus Butler, BF vs GF, Thabit Al Mawaly , Terroll And Nakita and more for inspiration. They are all different but full of ideas in creating something of my own. 


I always get asked on how I started my own little WORLD of FAZ life.. I researched, read alot, practiced and just did what I felt was right. Its not about being famous, its about making a difference, encouraging and enjoying what you do. I love being a blogger and a newly started youtuber and I would not trade it. The chance to meet new people, collaborate with talents and do more that I never thought I could. 





All the photos are by Adriana from Kuraberry 

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