Rainbow Couture Creates Moments of Memories !

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Rainbow couture decided to surprise me with a beautiful shoe made for my big feet, which I have to say is comfortable for such a fancy shoe. The brand is known for bridge shoes and are beautiful in white but they decided to dye it to a colour I want, Reddddd ( surprised its not yellow).

I thought of red because I first didnt have any shoes in red but as well the style I picked just made red look even more sexy. 
The shoes are made really comfortable as they were made for brides on their big day. There are cushions in all the right places for a day of festive adventures. As they are dyed red just for me I have so many occassion I can wear it to especially being a fashion blogger. 

Its the festive season, which is the time to dress up and have memories of beautiful moments in your life. I found with these heels they will allow you to that with the style and comfort and once you put them on, you might not want to take it off. 

For more information Rainbow Couture : CLICK HERE

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