Rachel Wilson… New Talent!

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Name: Rachel Wilson
Age: 26
Nationality: British/Scottish
University: Heriot Watt University, Galashiels, Scottish Borders
Course: Fashion Design For Industry


What made you want to be part of the fashion industry?

I feel clothes are very powerful and can change a person inside as well as out. As a youngster I never felt comfortable at times as we could never really afford what we wanted to wear. I thought if I can make my own clothes then that would solve the problem. I suppose that’s where my interest began.

Who is your inspiration?

I take inspiration from life in general but one designer at the moment who I am inspired by is Marni. I love how they clash masculine and feminine together, their use of colours, textures, prints and combinations of fabric create collections that set them in a league of their own.

Have you had any previous working experience in fashion?

I have never worked for an established company but I studied at college for 3 years where I picked up my skills in pattern cutting. I spent the year before studying my undergraduate course, designing and making bespoke womens wear with college friends. We held exhibitions, fashion shows and the collections were sold in two boutiques. It was very hard work, time consuming but also very rewarding  at the same time. I developed my pattern skills further, which I think prepared me for continuing my studies at university. Iwas the runner up in a prestigious fashion Salon in Edinburgh as part of the Scottish Academy of Fashoon. With my graduate collection I won a 2 week internship with Todd & Duncan, one of the finest cashmere companies in the world. This is in negotiation at present to set a date and I am very excited as this will be my first internship.

What is your role ?

My role I believe will be within the design studio. The first week of the placement will be seeing the production within the factory itself. Here I will gain a better understanding of how fibres and yarns are treated and the process of spinning followed into the second week where I will be working within the design studio.

Congratulations on graduating and creating a stunning collection. What was your inspiration to do the collection?

Thank you very much. The collection was based around the concept “Are we living life out of focus”. Today, society leads a very materialistic trend and the collection captures the theme through the combinations of material, print and layering effect.

Since you graduated and show cased your collection at the fashion show in Edinburgh, What are you doing in your life now?

The collection was show cased in the end of year fashion show produced my Mark Eley of Eleykishimoto. After the show the collection then featured in an exhibition in Hawick at the Textile Tower House. I have recently recieved it back and am in the process of looking into selling the collection.
I have continued my studies at Heriot-Watt University studying my MA in Fashion and Textile Design where I am developing my existing skills within print. I will be creating another womens wear collection with the element of versatility. The design approach is looking at how fast fashion contributes to the tons of textiles that find their way to landfills every year. I am in the process of designing garments that have unlimited essembles within the wardrobe. The idea is about creating different looks with a limited number of garments.

What advise do you have for the future graduates of fashion?

I find myself always analysing my work. I would say I am my worst critic but I take this as a postitive, it makes you push yourself harder to produce things you never thought possible. One thing I would say is, believe yourself because anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Rachel is a young talented lady, confident and full of passion for designing. She never seems to stop and always wants to do more. I can’t wait till I see her work one day on London Fashion Week. She is someone to watch for !

Good Luck Rachel!

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