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Name: Rachel Louise
Age: 21
Nationality: Scottish
Uni/College: Clydebank College , Glasgow, Scotland
Course:Fashion and Photographic Make-Up
Occupation : Self Employed Make-Up Artist


 1- What do you love about make-up in fashion ?
I love fashion as a whole, but my main passion is make-up. There would be no fashion without make up… It MAKES fashion what it is today. There are other aspects which are also extremely important but my main focus is how artistic and creative the make-up is within the fashion industry.

2- What got you interested to become a make-up artist ?

I have always had an aptitude for drawing, desiging and creating art. When I was younger I realised I liked to create art on peoples faces. So I figured I would go study somewhere that would enhance my skills and encourage me to be as creative as i desired. I applied for college, got accepted and the rest is history.

3- Who are you inspirations?

‘Inspiration comes from imagination’ – I get inspiration from everywhere and anywhere. I have recently sought inspiration from Illamasqua as their work is just simply exquisite. So much detail and imagination in each image. I aspire to be as creative as Alex Box the Creative designer. She is AWESOME!

4- Have you worked with anyone to gain experience that you have today? and whom?

Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of working with any well established make-up artists out with college. I have gained experience by approaching industry professionals and organising shoots that would benefit my portfolio. I get great support and advice from college and have trained myself to work to the industry’s standard.

5- If some one wanted to be a make-up artist, What would you advise them to do ?

I would advise them to first of all get a decent make-up kit – which will stand them in good stead for anything that might get flung their way. Start off getting few shots to begin a portfolio, join a networking site to showcase their work. Once you have gained a few contacts such as photographers, designers, hair stylists and models – starts organising shoots and be as creative as you can possibly be!

6- What kinds of make-up can you do ?

All, however fashion is defiantly my forte.

7- What is your signature make-up style?

I would definitely say the strong brow is my signature look. It adds edginess to the prettiest of faces.

8- What theme of make-up do you like to do?

I have a passion for Avant Garde, Drag queen and fantasy. The crazier – the better!!!

9- Spring and Summer has arrived, What is the make-up for this season?

I believe pastel coloured eyeshadows/lipsticks will be very much in. This spring season it will all be pale make-up! And roll on it I say!. Pastel colours look awesome with all shades of skin!

I am in love with Rachel’s work! Her work is creative, fun and unusal. I love that she thinks out of the box and creates beautiful master pieces as seen through some of the pictures above. I would imagine her work to someday be in I-D, POP or even Wonderland magazine. 

Good Luck Rachel !!!

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