Qais Khabouri Aka Mista Que !

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Mista Que is a talent young rapper and song writer, he is fully of passion and shows it in his music. He gave me the pleasure of doing a little interview with him.

When did you start rapping and writing songs?

I started when I was around 13 years old and slowly kept doing it till it became a passion of me.

What inspires you to come up with the lyrics for your songs?

For me, Music is my outlet! When I first starting writing songs , it all came from my emotions from angry to happy. As I progressed and got into the industry I had to learn how to create music for commercial purposes. I have to aim on what people want from and bring it out in the music.

Who is your music inspiration?

While growing up I used to listen to Tupac, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg and more music artist with in the same genre, and they would inspire my music. As the industry has grown there has been more music to be inspired by. I like listen to different kinds of music and get the feel of the lyrics to the beat of the song, and then I suddenly get inspired to write some lyrics of my own down.

How did you take your music and song writing a step further?

I left Oman after I graduated from school and went to study in the United Kingdom. As living there my music was on hold for some time. I was living my life and experiencing changes in it. I went home for a while and did some music with a friend and after time I decided to take off to Canada. Canada was were my dreams slowly happened, I worked odd jobs and met a folk singer who inspired me to get back into what I love the most, my music. Over sometime CTM music group found me and decided to sign me on.
It takes alot of work and dedication into something you love and want it to work.

What do you call you style of fashion?

I am a mix of old school classic hip hop look and the new school classic but yet casual.

What is your favourite country to go shopping?

I really like shopping in Toronto, Canada!

Here is some of Mista Que’s music and collaborations:

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