Push Yourself with Personal Trainer For Summer Fitness

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After a week of running around from one event to another there was no room for gym time or as I called it my me time. I decided that’s it, I need a personal trainer to push me for an hour to get to my goal this year. I headed over to the gym I live in the most, Le Merdien Mina Seyahi and called out for a personal trainer. I got the wonderful Richard, a man who just loves pushing me to the max as well as persuading me that I can finish it all. 

Why get a Personal Trainer?
This is just from my experience… I think when you want to reach a certain weight or goal you need an expert to give you the right direction. They guide you with the right fitness, diet for your body and motivation to reach those goals. 
 I have been with different personal trainers in the past few years to understand the benefit. I was was about a size 14 at one point in my life and was scared for myself so I seeked out a PT, she had taken information she needed to help me try to understand the issue. There were different exercises and diet plan and after 2 weeks of a personal trainer I saw the result from size 14 to 12 and the confidence was glowing through my healthy body and skin. 
I tried a session with Richard in which I realised how unfit I was and how much I needed to do to push myself. I started with not being able to finish my exercises as well as falling to pieces after every point… now I am loving it with a smile!!

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