Porto’s Must Visit Restaurant’s

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It feels just like yesterday I was breathing in the cold fresh air of Porto and looking at breath taking views. I think I might need to revisit soon! When in Porto I had the pleasure of meeting a local Tomas ( check out how we met him)  who took my mum and around the city. ( I advise to get a local to show you around, there are some hidden gems). Thomas took us to some restaurants and bars that make Porto extra special.

The first location was Mirador Da Victoria , a spot in Porto overlooking the city. As looking at the panoramic view of the Porto, just behind is an abandoned mansion with it’s majestic character. I have to say it was sad to look at but wonderful to know the story behind it. It felt like every structure has a story to tell.

As some of you know my life when travel is the love for food and drinks so these the must visit places in Porto to eat:

S. Valentim Restarante located in Matosinhos. They have the freshest fish and a place I found reasonable for the amount of food I got. I loved the grilled fish and seafood options.

Adega Rio Douro ‘Casa Piedade’ located in Rua Do Ouro. This is a bar with so much character, life and beautiful stories. It turns this cosy spot has been seen by celebrities such as Joss Stone. The older men sing Fado but its different than what you would hear in Lisbon.

Oporto Cafe a place I loved from outside to inside, it was a place that stole my heart with their good food. The cafe was filled with beautiful smells, good food and divine wine and a view that is calming. It is definitely a place you can enjoy a good cooked meal and the sunset with a glass of wine.

Flow Restaurant in Rua Da Conceicao which is very central in Porto. The restaurant has big and spacious with a stunning interior. The food is great with lots of tasty options and great wine choices.


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  1. Thank you for mentioning Oporto Café! Glad you enjoyed it!!!
    Hope to see you back in Porto 🙂

  2. I especially like the view from Mirador Da Victoria that you have captured. I love old buildings and structures that have a story behind them and they make every city even more beautiful. I have to visit Porto to check out the bar scene and sample their wine <3

  3. What a great way to have a local to show you the best places! S. Valentim Restarante looks like my type of restaurant being a seafood lover. The seafood looked so fresh. I’ll need to book into this restaurant when I’m in Porto.

  4. you’re so lucky to visit Porto is one of the cities I really wanted to go last year, unfortunately it was cancelled. great post and guide 🙂 🙂

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