Pole Dancing at James and Alex Dance Studio

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I am sure we all had that moment in our life where we think lifting ourselve on a pole would be easy… NOT.. I decided it was time to take the chance and try an actual pole dancing class at James and Alex Dance Studio. I have to say it worth trying, as it is not as easy as it looks but its fun once you get it. There also of things about learning to pole dancing I didn’t know.

I decided it was time to find other ways of keeping fit instead of just going to the gym, from dance classes to other fitness methods like Spinning or even crossfit .Pole dance is new to my body and I as it was a different method of dancing and keeping fit. You need to every muscle to lift your body and you can certainly feel it. When attending these classes, you need to wear shorts and tank top as its easier to the moves and gives a better grip on the pole. 

The class had a good amount of space to do alot of tricks ( which I can’t do yet) 

Need to clean the pole, as the sweat can make you slip.

Need to allow the pole to turn all the way round.. 🙂 

 I tried a few moves and it wasn’t easy, as I realised I do not have any strength carry myself but I was determined to try. ( please ignore my face reaction)

After a few more tries, I got the hang of this but I want to do it perfect… which means I am going back for more 🙂

With the lady herself… the pole dancing instructor Elena!!! 🙂 She is bubbly, really lovely and eager to make me master the moves 🙂 

There are classes 4 times a week which allows you to try it when you get the chance. 

For more information please check out : James&Alex Dance Studio

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