Pie of Joy

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Its always good to come across food you feel belongs in your belly.. I did feel it when I  had Al’s pies. I love trying out new food especially when visiting markets in towns. Horsham market slowly brings in new stoles which is great… This time it was Al the PieMan!


Al the PieMan brought a variety of amazing pies for the Horsham market. I decided to buy 2 of his pies; one was pumpkin pie and the other was fungi pie. I have to say by far one of my favourite pies I have had in a while. There was a good amount of flavour, especially once you put in the oven for a wee while. I WANTED MORRRRRRE. As I was just trying them out I bought two. Al the PieMan has a variety of pies, I picked these two as I don’t eat any pork.


For more on AL the PIEMAN : CLICK HERE



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