Physique 57 Is Changing My Body and Mind

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Gym every other day was my routine since I moved back to Dubai but the results were slow and didn’t motivate me enough. I decided it was time to try classes, which is where Physique 57 in Dubai came into my life ( thank you Nicole). I tried one class which had pushed me but the after effect was the best, I was full of energy and my sore back was not there to bug me. Physique 57 located at City Walk works on everything the body needs for 60 mins. 

My first class was with Karlee who had soo much energy, she was informative and extremely helpful. As she has scoliosis like I do, it was easier for me to understand the effect of the workouts on my body. Physique 57 works out the upperbody, arms, thighs and bum; in which are the main things we want as women to work on. 
Summer has arrived in Dubai, as the tempertature rises we want to be on the beach or in a cooled pool. Of course with that we also want to look great in our swimming suit. I found the classes reaching for my goal of being toned for this summer. 

The great thing about doing classes at Physique 57 is the chance to try different instructors. The 2nd day I tried a beginners class with Hayley who came from NYC . She pushed me to the core and I felt every bit of the work out by the end of the class. The class was even fun because I got to try it with my friend and fellow blogger Nicole. 

I also tried a class with Nora and Ivy which was so much fun for a 6:30pm class. While most of us are pushing ourselves to take the class after work, they just made it alot easier with their energy to push ourselves through it. 

I decided to challenge my body even more and just took on my 1 month unlimited membership. I am aiming to get that bikini toned body with a healthy and happy living. 

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