Photoshoot with Lynne McCrossan!!

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Today Gary and I got to help out on a photo shoot as well as meet Kassidy. I heard about them a couple of months ago and found their music pleasant to listen to but I never thought I would ever meet them. This Glasgow band are wonderful and edgy, something that I love about Scotland. While meeting these Kassidy I also assisted the wonderful Lynn McCrossan the stylist columnist of Edinburgh Evening News on a photo shoot which I loved as the location was amazing.
This is just a few of the pics I took at the shoot and please excuse me for my random style as it was cold and I was trying to layer up.

 The star…. this dog is an actor!!!
The amazing photographer and gorgeous Lynn who is full of creativity
More to come on the photoshoot when it is published!
A bit os Kassidy
One Man Army
To watch it from youtube: CLICK HERE

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