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Picture of Paul at Metropolitan Fashion Show by Zeno Watson

Picture of Paul at Metropolitan Fashion Show by Zeno Watson

Name : Paul Keenan ( Aka The Keenan One)
Nationality: Scottish
Occupation: Blogger


1- What do think of men’s fashion today ?
I am a firm believer in the progressive fashion. Menswear has always been relevant but usually would take a sideline to most women’s collections, especially major fashion houses. Progressively, yet more recently the fashion world for men is flourishing. Creativity within mens fashion is constantly peaking and men are more confident with creating their own style and not afraid to incorporate new trends. People will always categorize creativity though, when really we should all embrace it.
2- What style do you think has grown in menswear?
Men’s tailoring is big again! You probably know I love a tailored jacket with a pair of skinny jeans. You can really make a simple outfit that little bit more flashy with a good fitting jacket and shirt.
3- Has Scotland’s fashion for men changed ? or is it still developing?
Scotland is so creative, it has some amazing menswear graduates starting up as well as some really established designers. Tartan is probably the biggest trend to ever come from Scotland and is constantly on the runway and in high street shops. Furthermore we are lucky enough to have some of the best textile manufacturers in the world on our doorsteps.
Scottish men are usually known to be very patriotic so anything representing Scotland for me will really be embraced.
4- Describe your style in a few words? 
Casually tailored with a hipster undertone ( so I’ve be told)
5- What are your Wardrobe essentials? 
Great fitting jeans is always a good place to start, one dark blue and one black. white shirt is a must ( Brooks Brothers because of the non Iron finish and the beautiful fit) and a velvet jacket because I love them.
6- What brands do you love ? Why ? 
Right now I love Walker Slater because of their use of fine fabrics locally sourced and handmade! Also Buck & Hare along the same lines of Walker Slater but with more personal edge and Emma who creates everything is an inspiration. Casually I love Abandon Ship, Skull and Bones Boys Club.
Photo by Ellie MacRalid

Photo by Ellie MacRalid

I met Paul years ago at an event in Edinburgh, over time I have seen him grow as a blogger but also as a model. He is full of life, always with a smile and definitely someone to have a good chat with. Paul is definitely someone to watch from Scotland’s fashion industry!!!

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