Omani Designers at Muscat Fashion Week !

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I came across some designers from Oman , who have created traditional clothing with a twist of modern flare. Oman is known for their bright colours and beautiful deisgns and detailing.

Fashion TV came to Muscat, Oman and filmed the first Muscat Fashion Week 2011. Its not the typical fashion week of seeing designers such as Gucci, Versace and more but it’s a fashion week to bring out the talent in Oman. The fahsion week had designers from neighbouring countries as well as Omani designers.

Designers such as Hana Al Wahibi, Anisa Al Zadjali, Dar Al Dibaj, Khadija Al Lamaki, Nawal Al Hooti, and Nadra Al Ajimi and there is more

These are some of the clothing from the designers.

Dar Al Dibaj

Anisa Al Zadjali

Hana Al Wahibi

Links of the fashion week …
Looking at the designers from Omani, makes me even more proud to be from Oman!
Hope to see more at Muscat Fashion Week 2012 on 21st to 23rd Feburary 2012!

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