No Limits To A Man's Style

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Men’s fashion has stepped up but sometimes having those basics is a must have in a man’s wardrobe. This week I looked through Upclassics, which is an online menswear retailer, their funky pieces is what caught my brown eyes. Men complain at times there is not enough out their for them, they don’t know what to style it with and end up running to blue jeans and white shirt. STOP IT!!!! STOP IT!! Try something new, step out of your box. The only way on knowing what suits you, is to try it on.

I have put together some of my favorites from Upclassics :

fashion men 1

  1. Super- Classic Havana
  2. Daily Paper- All Over Shield Shirt
  3. Adidas- Mono Color SST by Pharrell Williams
  4. Carhartt- Skill Pant Cortez
  5. Carhartt – Jackson Belt
  6. Carhartt- L/S Rogers Shirt  
  7. Adidas – Los Angeles
  8. Air Jordan- 1 Mid

I picked these pieces out because they are reusable and be styled up in many different ways and not with what I just choose. The pieces can be styled up for a special occasion – for example the shirts can be worn with trousers, jeans and some dressy shoes for date night or even an event ( pop on a blazer). The pants can be worn with shirts or t-shirts as well as with trainers or some upbeat shoes.  There is endless possibilities with these pieces from Upclassics.

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