Nicole Abbott… New Talent!!

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Name:Nicole Abbott
Nationality: British


What made you want to be a model ?

I wanted to be a model as I love being creative and I enjoy acting. I love being able to express myself through different themes and modelling also allows you to tell a story, a bit like acting. I love creating mood boards and seeing it all take shape. Modelling to me is like art!

Who are the people or companies you modelled for?

I have modelled for Glitzy Angel, Godiva boutique, Ali Nimmo Designer, Kathleen Rachael, Albert Osbourne, Eilidh Ellery, Cathrine Watson, Hayley Scanlan, Nicci.N, Bedlam Bodiour, Claire Garvey, Psychomoda Ladies Clothing, Eleanor’s Riot, Karen Reid Hats, Velvet Elvis, Tiger Lily Boutique, Lady Jojo’s Boutique , Hannah Eccles and Rene Walrus.

Whats the best thing about being a petite model in the Fashion Industry?

The best thing about being a petite model in the fashion industry is proving people wrong who have said I am too small to be a model. I have shown people how motivated and passionate I am about modelling and how nothing will stop me from achieving success. Being petite has never stopped me for doing catwalk modelling and I have no complaints from people saying that they couldn’t see the clothing or felt I was out of place. In fact, it is the complete opposite!

What is your future plans or 5 year plan?

It would be to continue to grow my contact base within the fashion industry. To try and become agency represented within in Eurpoe to allow me to get my name out there. To be able to have more published work in big mgazines. To promote petite modelling through my campaign group called “Perfectly Petite”. To be a role model to women everywhere to show them that no matter your body shape that we are all beautiful and can achieve our dreams. To also show you do not have to be tall to be a model!

Nicole is a lovely and talented young lady with a passion for modelling. It can seen through all her work with different companies and themes she has done how diverse she is. I hope to see her in future magazines because she has so much drive for it!!

Good Luck Nicole!!!

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