Nicola Napier, The Women Behind Nicci.N…. New Talent !!

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Name: Nicola Gardner

Age: 31
Nationality: Scottish
Designer Label: nicci.n.



1)Why did you want to be a fashion designer?

I love having ideas in my head and bringing them to life through my designs. Also I find it hard sometimes to find exactly what I’m looking for on the high street.


2)What a Nicci.N customer or lady?
Stylish but likes to be a bit different and stand out from the crowd.


3)How do you get inspired to create a collection?
Depends, could be a film, place, exhibition, anything really!


4)What techniques do you use to make your designer different?
Hand dying and creating my own prints.


5)What is the inspiration for the new collection?
A contrast of the darkness of death with a child in a candy shop


6)Where can your collection be bought?
Ice store in St James Centre and Asos Marketplace.


7)What do you think of fashion bloggers? Do they help?
I think fashion bloggers help hugely as most people are on the internet nowadays so they can reach a wide audience.


8)What advice do you have for those future independent designers?
Be determined and stick at it, network like mad and be prepared to put in alot of hard work.


What’s a Nicci.N must have?
There is not a specific ‘must have’ item but something from the collection which will make you feel great and is an investment piece.








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