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Name: Nadya Hasan
Age: 22
Nationality: Emirati
University/College: Dubai Women’s College
Course: BA General Business
What do you love about the fashion industry?
I love how its constantly changing, moving and the fact you get to meet a lot of great people. 
Who’s your inspiration?
My mother and sister to be honest, they have so much passion for fashion as I do and they always inspire me. 
Who’s your Favourite Designer?
I would have to say right now would be Balmain
What is your favourite place to show at in Dubai? 
I love Zara to bits! Its my to go to haven as well as Boutique1
How did you get started with The Fierce Diaries?
Well it started off as a school project and ended up being my person fashion diary.
How many times a day or week do you post on you blog?
I try posting as much as I can and try to do it once a day to keep my readers entertained!
What is your style?
I would say its a bit of everything, I love to mix up high end with high street and anything and everything vintage.
What is your 5 year plan? and Does it include your amazing blog?
I don’t think I will ever stop blogging, but in 5 years I do hope to be a very inspirational Emirati women in the fashion industry.
What are the items you have have when leaving the house?
My Iphone, blackberry, wallet, gum and hand sanitizer
What is a must have for S/S 2012?
Lots of prints and pastel colours! They are a MUST!
Your blog is a success, what advise do you have for those future blogs?

Be You! Show your readers your personal life and style, its what keeps them coming back. 

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