My Jewellery Obsession !

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I have got this crazy obsession with jewellery from earrings, rings, necklaces and more. Over the years I have developed a collection of my own. 

Bri’s boutique with their bright colours and Accessories bling and blue are the perfect combo for the summer trends.  

Bri’s Boutique Bright and beautiful neon colours always makes me smile.  

 Dangling earrings with bright colours from a mixture of designers. I love picking up odd little pieces from different stores to fill up my collection of earrings. 

Sometimes if nice to pick out a few statement pieces which make an outfit look elegant or switch it to funky, 

There are a few of my favourites I love going to buy a few pieces such as Coquette Accessories !  

 Of course, I can’t forget my bling rings… lol 

 Bonnie Bling Love does not stop !

 My times of YSL rings still live on in me!

This is my extra piece of love from Lily-Mo Jewellery!!

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