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Dubai is a city I call my home and love more and more every time I go back to visit. The city has become a foodie hub as you can get every cuisine in this city. I will remind you that any dishes with pork would be replaced with beef, chicken or another source meat. On my visit Dubai this time I visited a few familiar places and some new ones.

        1.Logma, Dubai Mall

Ever since they opened its been my go-to place in Dubai for the modern twist on tradition local food. I think I might have tried everything on their menu. Whenever I go back to Dubai to visit I try out their new options. They always come up with new ideas of Emirati cuisines especially with flavours.


      2. Sikka Cafe, La Mer

A restaurant I came upon by accident when walking through La Mer. Sikka Cafe brings Emirati food to your tables with a twist of influences from Indian and Persian cuisine. There interior is welcoming and made me feel at home. The staff was kind and helpful when I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat.



     3. Arabian Tea House

This is a must visit if you want to try Emirati Cuisine. The location is at The Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road. The little corner tea house created a little bit of Dubai from chairs, tables, and pictures around the place. The food was delicious, great portion size and I really felt I got what my money was worth. I felt like I was taken back in time as alot of the dishes are what I had growing up in the Gulf. This was one of my fave places to visit when I went to Dubai.


     4. Vibe

A place with lots of tasty meals and treats. I saw so many photos of their food on Instagram that it was must-try. The location is Jumeirah near Safa Park and it is opposite Choithram. The menu at Vibe is healthy with alot of flavor to it, and beautifully plated. Their smoothies are just what the body called for. I loved the interior of the whole place and the staff are lovely. It is definitely a must visit when in Dubai especially if you want to be healthy and fill up your body with goodies to keep you going.

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  1. These places all sound great. I don’t really know what Emirites cuisine is, but it looks so good! I was wondering what all the prices are like and how best to get to these places from the main parts of the city?

  2. Dubai is one of those cities on my bucket list. Probably after watching a Mission Impossible Movie…lol! My company has done some business there, but I’ve yet to work my way onto on the projects. The teams that have went have always shared interesting stories though, and the other parts of the middle east I’ve visited have always been awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I haven’t been to Dubai, since I heard it’s kinda expensive, I hope it’s not..haha. But I will take note of this must try food, it will be easy to track the good ones.

  4. Everything looks so good! We are gluten free so eating in other countries is a bit scary- but there is lots of Middle Eastern food we can eat here at home so I think we’d be okay in Dubai!

  5. I would have to bring my stretch pants here for sure. Your pictures are great and making my tummy growl for the food. I can only imagine how intense the tastes and spices are. What a treat.

  6. A friend of mine lives in Dubai at the moment and he’s always posting photos of himself in restaurants eating great food – Vibe actually makes a frequent appearance on his feed!
    Although I haven’t yet visited the UAE, I think I’d really enjoy the food. Indian is my favourite cuisine, and I’ve heard there’s a lot of interesting Emirati-Indian twist restaurants there.

  7. I wouldn’t have realized there were so many healthy options in Dubai and love all the fusion dishes. That tea spot looks amazing. I want to add Dubai to my list and add these food spots to the itinerary. Thanks so much for the recommendations and suggestions in Dubai and I enjoyed your photos. Made me a little hungry

  8. It’s been years since my last trip to Dubai, and I never got the chance to explore the food scene much. This makes me want to visit again and put that right! The Arabian Tea House looks especially cool 🙂

  9. I will definitely go to Arabian tea house as I want to try some real Emirati cuisine. It’s great that it’s worth the money and the pictures of the food look very nice.

  10. I live in Dubai and so bookmarking your post to visit all these interesting cafes. I love Emirati cuisine and therefore Logma would be my choice as they have some uniqueness blended with authentic Emirati flavors.

  11. Oh I miss Sikka Cafe! My friend in Dubai took me there last year when she learned I was looking for Persian food. Can’t recall the names of the food we had but they were awesome!

  12. Do you also have veg options there? I love this Emirati cuisine you are talking about, makes me all the more hungry for it. Mediterranean and Indian food are my weakness and am glad this cuisine looks like a combination of both. I too would love some insight on the pricing since Dubai is considered quite expensive. How’s the street food culture there?

  13. Dubai food scene is pretty incredible (and that is coming from a Frenchy 😉 ). I haven’t been to any of those places but they are on my list for my next visit!

  14. This is a great list of both traditional and more modern lists. I’ve pinned this for my next trip to Dubai. Whatever it is in that first picture looks delicious.

  15. Food makes me happy…haha…Dubai is on my list for don’t know how long. I’m surely going to visit the Arabian Tea House whenever I’m in Dubai. I’d love to try their Emirati cuisine.

  16. I’ve never actually been to Dubai but I can imagine that the cuisine there must be great and varied since there are sooo many nations and cultures coming together.

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