Mulberry … Store Opening in Edinburgh !

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I had attended the store opening of the new Mulberry store in Edinburgh on Thursday 13th December. It was refreshing as the store is bright, clean and displayed to showcase the lovely clothing and accessories for both men and women.

The event was lovely and brought out some of the wonderful aspects of Scotland. Guests were greeted by Highland Soldiers and the music through the store Lydian String Quarter. They served guests some treats of British food such as Aberdeen beef rolls, Crowdie cheese tartlets and some mini scones with Salmon and lime.
The collection at the Mulberry Store in Edinburgh is not just bags but they have added shoes and the ready-to-wear collection. It is displayed so elegantly around the store. 

The Ground Floor of the store:

The 1st Floor :

It was wonderful to see the first steps to making a Mulberry Bag:

This is just some of the lovely things at the event :

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