Moschino Madness At First Sight

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Moshcino has just gone up a level of 500000000 in my books and brought out what I love about fashion….. its funky, quirky and fun all round. It means this A/W 2015 is not going to be boring with black, grey or white instead it going to be Looney Tunes love, bright colours and funky graffiti to spice up life. Jeremy Scott just my world a better place 🙂 !!! Moshcino took Milan Fashion Week by storm with a brightness to the horrible Autumn and Winter weather. 

 This is me written all over it 🙂 The shoes are divine creativity!

 I need that yellow coat in my life… 🙂

 Looney Tunes Love… Sylvester, Bugs bunny, Taz, Daffy and Co all got the swag on with Jeremy Scotts gangsta makeover. which one do you want ?

 Taz is just gangsta

 Moschino just put it together they way it should be !

 Daffy just rocks my world … bling bling 

 I am not the biggest fan of overalls but these ones are a must have for me… just funky, fresh and fun !

 sophisticated funk

Skinny jeans that I would rock !

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