Moondogs! Galashiels!

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Moondogs is one of my favourite little cafe to go to for a chilled out time in Galashiels, Scottish Borders, Scotland. From entering the door to sitting down in their wood like interior and comfortable couches, the feeling I get when I walking into Moondogs is very welcoming and relaxing.From the lovely owners to the staff, they make me want to always come back again. Students, families and people of the fellow town and some tourist always have to walk into Moondogs, and its great to see that in a small town. To add more to this amazing place is the delicious and health food they make. I have fallin’ in love with their falfel wrap with humus.

 A place to visit in Galashiels!

Emma and Craig- The Owners of the Lovely Moondogs

They sell some lovely little things that are made by some of the people in the Scottish Borders!

 Some beautiful art work and photography that can be seen and bought in the Moondogs!
Check out MOONDOGS site for more on their love place!

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