Mika Ashraf…. A Man To Know

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Name: Mika Ashraf
Nationality: Turkish/Egyptian
Occupation: Digital Fashion Influencer, Life Style Blogger, Model , Creative Director and Fashion Photographer
Website: ThePradaShades


What is fashion to you ?
We often hear stories about things that saved people.I am PTSD dude, from all the bullying. Fashion to me is what saved me. When I am down, all that could make me happy was shopping or dressing up. Trust me, it takes me away from all the panic attacks, the ugly side of my PTSD. Fashion is my love affair! Fashion is how I present myself when I tell me I will be myself and I don’t care, fashion is my passion and style is how I play around with it’s tools. Fashion is the candy and I am the kid with my googley eyes in that store.

Describe men’s fashion in a few words.
It’s different, classic, vast, daring and exciting. I hear a lot of bloggers say that menswear is so boring now a days and I am here like… are you for REAL!! I simple make it a rule to never look the same. Menswear is what you with it, rather than shopping.

Who are your fashion icons when it comes to men style from celebs to designers? and why ?
I am what I call a Kanye mixed with Lindsay, Tom Ford and Beckham. Kanye West is literally the biggest inspiration for menswear nowadays, every guy wants to have that casual up-do look with a bit of street, with obviously a touch of sexy Lindsay, sleekness of Beckham and the timeless classic Tom Ford touch. Remember a star has a team for stylist, so you mix your favourites and make them your personal team. Pinterest will take you a long way. 

What inspires you when styling yourself?
I wake up, do my whole thing of taking a shower, singing, skipping into my room with my hair dryer pumping that good old hot steamy air, living the dream… yes you guys am that person, I wake up the entire house trust me when I say I have no idea how they keep up with me! I open my closet full of ready to wear, couture pieces and vintage old over weight stuff. I play a song and however I feel that day, I channel through my outfit. I will always however make sure I have something pink, something classic, and a statement accessory. I like to keep it dirty classic, with a touch of venerability. In conclusion of all that randomness, I am my own muse when it comes to styling myself. Its always last minute craziness. 

Describe your style in a few words
Daring, punk, classic, futuristic with a touch of preppy. It all makes sense if you see me. 

What is a must have for S/S 2015 for your wardrobe?
Living in Dubai, the heat kills the idea of layering, however, fashion wins. A pair of Ray Ban club masters, a fedora, a long-end white tee and a pair of skinny River Island jeans. Also, the new ling from Adidas x Topshop is to die for. 

Best Brand yo think are hitting the right point on menswear
Adidas, Topshop, Marc Jacob, Levis, Timberland, River Island and House of Nomad. 

What made you want to be a fashion blogger?
I am just a guy who happens to write about his dating life with fashion in Dubai and all that comes with it. After all am is a photographer at heart. I hope one day my photography is as noticed as my fashion sense. Yet again, I think why I talk about is because  it keeps making me happy, and it all works out because I am a model when am not standing behind my camera trying to convince my model to smile more. #weallneedtyra

I have to saying having an interview with Mika is a delight, he is bubbly and always smiling. His fashion for fashion , photography and modelling shows in work. I have had the chance to get to know Mika and I think he is a wonderful person with a great mindset to achieve big things by working hard. I am very happy to have met him a few months back because he is a friend I love to be around.  

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