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Name: Mathew Watt
Age: 29
Nationality: Scottish
Occupation: Owner and Creative Director of The Temple Salon


1- Why did you choose to be a hair stylist and hair dresser?
At first hairdressing appealled to me for a few reasons. I was always interested in how my hair looked and how I dressed and at the time there was a celebrity hairdresser (Lee Stafford). who I admired which gave me the confidence to give it a shot.

2- When did it all start for you?
It all started for me in a small local salon. They gave me my first state of hairdressing in 2004 and I have never looked back since that first day. 

3- How long have been training for until you opened Temple?
In hairdressing you never stop learning so in terms of training it will be a 9 and half years before opening up Temple Salon and the training is always ongoing to stay ahead of the competiton and keep my clients looking great. 

4-What and who inspires you when it comes to hair?
As far as my inspirations within the industry they would be : Lee Stafford, Errol Douglas and at present Jamie Stevensis doing amazing things in hair. Outside of the industry I find inspiration from everywhere from clients to fashion magazines, catwalks and also from my team at The Temple Salon.

5- What does The Temple Salon Represent?
The Temple salon represents everything that a salon should! First of all amazing quality in all the services carries out! From out prescision cutting, bouncy blowdries, bespoke colour and the best in the business at all things nails in out Nail Bar. Our motto has always been that ‘CLIENTS DON’T JUST LEAVE LOOKING AMAZING BUT FEELING AMAZING TO’!  We also bring back the social aspect to the salon with out clients enjoying Champagne every appointment and choosing their own music. 

6- As winter is here, What is the must have hair style?
On the rend at the oment are lovely textures bobs with thick full fringes. This give the client a really classy look whilst still being able to have fun styling it due to the texture! It is also low maintance when it comes to styling so the horrible UK weather shouldn’t get in your way of looking amazing. 

7-As the weather is cold, what sort of products do you advice to keep the hair healthy?
Make sure you are using products that will help bring moisture and shine to you hair and if possible invest in a little treatment whether it be an in salon treatment or one to take home and use in the comfort of you home. 

I have known Mathew for a while and after entering The Temple Salon I have always stuck by them. Mathew is a man who is ambitions and won’t stop at one point but he excels in what he loves. He shows his passion and dedicationsto hair dressing every time from photoshoots to clients. I always enjoyed having my hair done at Temple Salon as they allow me to feel comfortable and leave feeling like a superstar. 

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