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Name: Mariyah Gaspacho
Age: 35
Nationality: Filipino
Uni/College: University of Santo Tomas, Manila Philippines
Course: Bachelor of Fine Arts Majoring in Interior Design
Occupation: Photographers


1) What do you love about fashion ?
It’s a creative outlet foe me apart from my photography. I have loved it ever since I was a little girl and I enjoy playing dress up.

2) How did you start getting into photography?
I have been taking photographs since I was a little girl and have always loved taking random photographs of everything and everyone. It was something I enjoyed as a hobby and it seemed fitting to dive into it seriously when I stopped practising Interior Design. I have always loved photographs captured in fashion magazines and so I thought to myself , I can do that too and so I did.

3) What is is about fashion photography that get you excited?
Having great passion for photography and fashion, it was no wonder that I would take up that exact same field seriously. It’s exciting, its creative and although not at all glamorous as it may seem behind the scenes, it drives me every single time and it inspires.

4) How long do you shoots take?
It depends on that kind of shoot really but more of less between 8 to 12 hours per shoot. Long hours I know but my work doesn’t end there. I spend a lot of time after the shoot in post-processing as well which usually doubles the time.

5) How long does it take to edit?
It can vary from 5 minutes to hours depending on the amount of work needed for a single photograph. As a photographer, first and foremost, I try to ensure that my images does not need a lot of editing work – I take photographs that good enough the way that it is. With a great team to work with, models, make-up artist and stylists, from production setup and lighting.

6)Who are the people or companies you have worked with?
I have been lucky to have worked with a lot of people ever since I started with photography and have also  met so many people which I am thankful for. I have worked with several magazines, local and international fashion designers and shot a variety of celebrities and musicians.

7) What go you into blogging?
I have been blogging since 2005, randomly about my life, snippets of my fashion adventure and photography. I basically only got seriously with it in 2009 when I realised that Dubai needed a blogging community. Its been a hectic ride, not easy at all but so totally worth it. I blog for myself, for the love of sharing my life, what inspires me about fashion and what I love about photography.

8) What is Mahryska all about?
People have always been curious about my name. My real name is Mariyah and Mahryska is the Russian version of my name.

9) Describe your style in 5 words.
Simple, laid-back, chic, edgy and trendy.

10) What advise can you give to those that want to get into Fashion Photography?
It is not an easy industry to enter but with alot of work, practice and loads of passion, you can definitely do it.

 This is just some of Mariyah’s work:

I am absolutely in love with Mariyah’s work. She is a wonderful lady with full of creativity, she passionate about her work and it shows when you see her do her thing on the shoots. I have seen her work and she is amazing.

Check out her wonderful blog: MAHRYSKA

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