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Name: Lynne McCrossan
Age: 29
Nationality: Scottish
University/ College: Napier University
Occupation: Fashion writer and stylist


What made you want to become a journalist?
I loved writing so it was the logical step to take when leaving school.
How can you describe in a few words, what is fashion to you ?
Fashion is creativity. It gives the wearer an opportunity to relay how they are feeling without having to put it in words.
How did you get into fashion journalism?
I always loved clothes but I started out as a speech radio presenter before focusing on fashion. I was made redundant from the radio station I’d started my career at and through the contacts I made during that time a wonderful book agent suggested I write a book on vintage clothing – as soon as I started the process green lights started appearing from everywhere and it took off rather organically once the book was published in 2010.
What sparked the interest into becoming a stylist?
Styling came out of necessity when I was writing. If I was talking about a trend I would have to go out and shoot it. I hadn’t realised before then how connected it all was, even when I styled the looks in ‘A Girl’s Guide to Vintage’ it wasn’t until my newspaper work kicked in that I understood its importance in my career.
You create some of your own designs, what is you inspiration? 
This was really only a project to understand the complete process designers have to go through. I thought, if I’m writing and critiquing peoples work then I’d better know what I’m talking about – inside and out. It was a wonderful eye opener and something that I know I will come back to in the future.
What do you call you style?
Confidence in your choices.
For those young and ambitious people out there, what advise do you have for them if they want to become journalist? 
It is a lot of hard work, sometimes for free. My biggest bit of advice would be to focus on your strengths, once you understand what your niche is things will start happening. And be patient, as this all takes time. A lot of assisting, making mistakes and meeting with people. But within those journeys your path becomes clearer.
What is a fall must have’s in the wardrobe for women and for men ? 
A great winter coat. You live in it for half of the year, you need to get it right!

I have been an assistant stylist to Lynne for a year and she is wonderful to work with. She is inspirational and full of life, always ready for something new and open to ideas. Lynne is definitely someone to have on board projects to bring fashion in Scotland to another level. 

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