LK Bennett Fits Just Right

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LK Bennett may not seem like everyones cup of tea but thats because they haven’t tried it… I decided to go and buy a pair of heels before I headed to my first time at London Fashion Week a few years ago. I had 4 to 5 days of running from show to show and one location to another… LK Bennett I should have said this lonnnnnnnnng time ago but you made my time in London greaaaaat.. Why ? you were comfortable on my feet!!!!

This were the shoes the made my feet so heavenily !!

As the years have gone by their shoes always seem to catch my eye in style and comfort:) 

I have around 8 to 10 pairs or maybe even more of LK Bennetts and each different from each other from round toe, pointed to boots and flats. The list can go on forever but its endless beauty on my feet. I have big feet and always hated wearing any shoes because I thought it just looked massive in everything. LK Bennett just seems to do it for my feet!!! 

These beautiful black and white flats are so comfortable and fun to wear on a plain outfit. They are called Tilly Pointed Flat 🙂

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