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Name: Livio Morabito
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: Freelance Photographer


1) What do you like about photography?

I like the fact that I can create and tell stories with my camera.

2) How did it all start for you as a photographer?

I started photographing things 12 years ago, I was using film back then and I didn’t have clear ideas about what I really wanted to do. Four years ago I enrolled into a photography course and soon I found my love in photographing people.

3) As you have numerous amounts of fashion shoots, what catches your eye when doing shoots?

It takes a certain preparation before doing an actual fashion shoot, so things are kind of prepared the day I shoot, but I’m always looking for that something that sparks my creativity. Like an amazing model that understands way I’m looking for and put in the shoot all of her/him or a fantastic location.

4) How long does your shoots usually take and the editing?

Well, I tend not to extend the shoot for more than three hours. When your team is tired, that is reflected in the photos you produce. I had experience with clients/employers that they wanted the shoots to last all day, trying to squeeze the most out of people the were paying and this doesn’t work at all. My editing time is usually half and hour for a single photo.

5) What’s the best camera for fashion for you?

The best camera for a fashion shoot is your eye!
I personally own a Canon 5D Mark II and I love it but I’ve also worked with Nikon cameras and they do the same job. It’s all up to the photographer to produce professional shoots and not the camera.

6)How far does you creativity go to when doing fashion shoots?

My desires are to get as edgier as possible..sometimes I do.

7)How did you gain your experience as a photographer?

Fortunately I have attended on of the best colleges in Britain ( Stevenson College, Edinburgh), and amazing people surrounded me. During this time I have collaborated with some of the most creative minds in Scotland and you learn lot when you work together. The rest is my visual hunger and my will to create more.

8) What’s your plan for the next few years with photography?

I’m working hard to find my niche in the industry, it is hard but you need to persist and never give up. I’m planning to move to a place that offers more chances for what I want to do. I’m in love with Paris, but I wouldn’t mind working in London, Milan or Berlin.

9) For those who want to be a photographer, what advise do you have for them?

Never give up at the first fail or disappointment, invest all your energy and let people in the industry know you. 

This is some of Livio Morabito’s work:

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