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I am a woman with a weakness for sweets especially quality ones, this time its all about Fudge. I think I got this all from my mum, yes I blame her for inducing me to it all. I came across The Copper Pan Fudge Company at the Horsham Market a few weeks ago. It took one bite to feel the love made for fudge. I am not exaggerating it, I am simply just giving you my version of this beautifully made fudges. YES, I said it… FUDGES…over 10 flavours and some with a great kick.

I managed to try most of all the flavours The Copper Pan Fudge Company had at the market, apart from the coffee flavoured. There were ones that made me jump from excitement especially chilli chocolate and lime. It was certainly a flavour I was not expecting and a taste I rather wished all fudges would give me.

I have to say I have tried a large amount of fudges and so has my side kick mother. The fudge was smooth, flavorsome and different from the normal fudge that I usually tried, as it didn’t crystallize.

I liked trying new sweets and flavours so this was certainly a different kind of option.. Coconut Ice. If you are a coconut lover like me, then this is a must try- ( it does have nuts). The Copper Pan Fudge Company would be one of my top independent sweet business to buy from. It was made with love and the quality is outstanding with so many choices.

The company can be found in markets, its best to email or check their social media. FacebookTwitter – Instagram 

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  1. That chilli chocolate flavor is very intriguing. I wonder how does it taste. I’ve tried citrus and macha infused with chocolate and they were good but the one with chilli is definitely a must try.

  2. I love fudge but haven’t eaten it for a while as I have been living in a really rural part of Tanzania. Now I’ve read this, and now I’m living in the East African metropolis Nairobi, I think I am going to have to get my hands on some!

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