Fashion events don’t come very often in a small town like Horsham, so when one comes up its a must see. La Vida Boutique hosted a fashion event showcasing some the boutiques best pieces for the season. I was fortunate to be able to model for them with a few other ladies. The event was held at Pretty Things, our very own local cafe with a lot of character to it.

I love shopping at La Vida Boutique in general as Donna always finds some unique pieces that makes me always come back for me. When I was asked to model for her again, I jumped at the chance it and bugged my friend Alima to do it with me. Every time I model for La Vida Boutique I end up buying a few pieces myself. As some of you know I have a bit of a colourful style that reflects on my crazy personality. The boutique suits me well which why I always shop at La Vida.  Check out some of my previous shoots with the boutique … CLICK HERE 

La Vida Boutiques fashion event was held at Pretty Things on Wednesday 28th November from 11 am to 2 pm. The tickets for the event were about £35 which included a voucher and a goodie bag. There were wonderful choices of food provided by Pretty Things and some tea and coffee. It was an event filled with new faces and wonderful ladies who wanted to see what’s new at the boutique. There was a demo from Clinique Boots Horsham, who showed how to take care of the face and different ways to put make-up on.

After the demo, La Vida Boutique brought out the clothing. We fabulous models came out in different looks from casual wear, winter wardrobe, party wear, and loungewear. We had makeup on, which was all done by the Clinique boots staff.

The event was a success because a lot of the pieces were bought after the event. It makes such a difference since clothing on a real woman’s body. We, women, like to relate when we see models wearing certain clothing. Not all of us are 5ft9 with a size zero waist, well not us average women. Once I tried a few of the pieces on as a model, I ended up buying a few pieces.

La Vida boutique is a local boutique in Horsham with also an online shopping option. There are some great pieces for Christmas parties and dinners as well as presents.

This is a great chance at supporting independent business in your town. Every penny spent at their location makes all the difference. I believe a town is not home without the unique small businesses from fashion, restaurants, cafes and more. Check out Pretty Things with their fab cakes, sandwiches and even breakfast.

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