KONY 2012!!! Help Support The Cause For The Children of Uganda!

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Everyone seems to be loving Kony 2012 and others think is all a scam…. Well we have our own opinions on things like this! The Invisible Children are standing up now and letting us out their know whats going on. When I came across this video today, it completely brought me to tears to see  what Joseph Kony has done to the children of Uganda. Joseph Kony is the world’s worst war criminal, in 1987 he took over the leadership of an existing rebel group and renamed it the “Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)”. He has not just abducated a few children but more than 30,000 instead and have forced them to be child soldiers and the girls are forced into sexual slavery. In my eyes thats wrong on all levels, and I am sure most of you out their reading this would agree.
KONY 2012 is not to make Joseph Kony famous in a good way but show you who he is and tell everyone this is the man that has to be taken down, and sooner better than later.

Below is the link to video that had really made me want to support the Invisible Children KONY 2012!!!

KONY 2012 does not ask you for money unless you want to give or by their products but ask you for YOUR SUPPORT! Just by going on the Invisible Children site you can make a difference by siging their pledge.

These are some of the products that you can purchase!

If you live in Scotland there is an event KONY 2012 EDINBURGH FUNDRAISER – WOODBURN CLUB to support the cause!!!

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