Koko Nails It

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Usually I do not do reviews but this time it was a must… as it was Koko Nail Polish. When it comes to nail polish brands, Koko does it for me…ever since going to Beauty Connection Spa in Dubai, the nail polish does not dissappoint me. This time Koko sent me over their new collection called ‘Cozy Comfort’. 

The colours of the collection is relaxing with a twist of fun from an almond colour, caramel, to a warmer yellow. 
The colours matches all seasons and perfect for sunny days like in Dubai and even those cloudy sad days in Edinburgh. I believe colours like these on my nails look great for any day, it sets a great mood to start the day… 🙂 

This time I even attempted to try the caviar beads which is not the same as they do in salons but its fun playing with. The glitter sparkles look great on every colour in the collection especially when you have those fashionista occassions. 

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